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CAPPYYC Post Rally Statement

We had a post rally debriefing meeting last night. We put together the following statement for our Facebook supporters:

Our rally outside Mr. Harper’s office this past Saturday was a solid success. Over 350 people attended (based on the 357 signatures on our petition as well as the estimates of the police and news crews!) and we had solid coverage from 3 English television networks, one Chinese network and a wide variety of local papers. The tone of the gathering was polite and positive, attendance exceeded our expectations despite the weather, and we are very happy with how everything turned out. Thank you to everyone who took some time out of their day to come out and make their opinion known!

Here is a link to a video of the event,
plus a link to the delivery of the signatures today,

The steering committee had a debrief meeting on Wednesday to discuss lessons learned and the possibility of future events, and we agreed that much remains to be done. We don’t want this issue to fade or to get lost in partisan posturing! As a result we will begin working on events dedicated toward increasing civic engagement and educating people about our system, as well as a second rally to be held close to the actual sitting of Parliament in March. The fact that concern over the erosion of our representative institutions got over 350 Calgarians out in the January cold seems to us to indicate that there is work to be done before the next election!

Calgary CAPP Petition PDF

A PDF Version of our petition is available here:  Calgarians_Against_Proroguing_Parliament.pdf


The text of our petition:


Whereas, prorogation of Parliament has historically been used only upon completion of a legislative agenda or a change in the leadership of the governing party, and


Whereas, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's December 30, 2009 decision to prorogue Parliament clearly does not fall into either of the above categories and is a misuse of parliamentary procedure for highly partisan and anti-democratic purposes, and


Whereas, proroguing Parliament for unjustified reasons eliminates vital Parliamentary oversight,


Therefore, we the citizens of Canada condemn Prime Minister Stephen Harper's unjustified decision to prorogue Parliament and demand that he and his fellow Members of Parliament return to work on January 25th.

Updated version of Poster

Here is a newer version of the poster with some minor tweaks, in PDF format:


CAPP-YYC Poster.pdf

CAPPYYC Event Poster

Thanks to Scott Payne for developing this graphic.  Please feel free to download and print. Click on the image to view full size.



CAPPYYC Event Poster

Thanks to Scott Payne for developing this graphic.  Please feel free to download and print. Click on the image to view full size.